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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Having a boat/watercraft insurance can make your time out in the waters relaxed and hassle-free. Jay Freeman Insurance Agency Inc. in Arkansas will help you find a comprehensive boat/watercraft insurance policy that will not only protect you and your boat but also provide protection for your friends and family as well. Boat/watercraft insurance also covers your boating equipment. The policy is designed to help you enjoy your time out in the water without worrying about your investment or the safety of your passengers.

Coverage Options

When shopping for an Arkansas boat/watercraft insurance policy, there are many things that you need to consider. They include:

Navigational Area

This refers to the areas where you will be covered in the water. The state of Arkansas requires that your policy provides coverage for up to seventy-five miles from the United States Coastline to the inland waters or Canadian coast. This is a distance that includes the Mexican coastal waters.

The Agreed Value Coverage

A watercraft depreciates in the same manner that a car does. As a result, the actual cash value policies often make it very difficult to replace watercrafts that may be destroyed or stolen. This implies that if the watercraft is declared a total loss, the insurer will only provide you with the value you insured the watercraft for, after subtracting the deductibles.


Just as is the case with your motor vehicle insurance, Jay Freeman Insurance Agency Inc.'s personal liability coverage makes sure that you are covered if you get into an accident with other boaters, and you’re at fault. The coverage will pay to replace or repair any property that may have been damaged. It also covers medical costs for any person injured in such an accident.

If you are looking to buy boating insurance, call or visit Jay Freeman Insurance Agency Inc. Our agents will discuss the available options with you before helping you make a decision on which policy is perfect for your watercraft.

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