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Renter’s Insurance for Residents of Arkansas

Nearly half of all renters across the country don’t have renters insurance. But, do you consider your legal liability as a tenant? For instance, if your faulty toaster oven causes a fire that destroys other units, or you accidentally leave your tap on, and the water caused damage, you’ll be liable for the loss.

Without renters insurance, you will be forced to cater for all these expenses personally. Renter’s insurance will help pay for these costs and save you the headache of having to pay out of pocket while protecting your belongings as well at the same time.

How it Works

Jay Freeman Insurance Agency Inc. offers various coverage options in Arkansas. A standard renter’s insurance policy will cover the liability in case someone sues you for the damage. Liability insurance will also cater to the cost of defending you in court. You can always increase your liability coverage limit depending on your budget.

Other coverage options under the tenant's insurance include:

If you’re living in Arkansas, renters insurance is something you won’t be able to afford to skip. Renters insurance is an investment that provides real protection and peace of mind to all renters. Contact Jay Freeman Insurance Agency Inc. for a quote and to learn more about starting a policy.

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