Insurance and Hamburgers

Sometimes we think we are saving money on auto insurance by electing to not purchase certain coverages to protect ourselves. Many times these coverages cost is equal to a couple of hamburgers, French fries and a soft drink. Arkansas law says we must have auto liability insurance on our vehicles. Yet not all vehicles on the road are insured. Imagine you are in your car at a red light waiting on it to turn green behind a pickup driven by a pregnant woman and some young man is barreling down the road texting and hits you in the rear and the impact pushes you into the pickup driven by the pregnant woman in front of you. Your passenger is your elderly father and the impact causes his blood pressure to accelerate, leaving him immobile and he goes to the hospital in an ambulance. The young man, a teenager, doesn’t have insurance. What do you do? I hope you had uninsured motorist protection for Liability and uninsured motorist protection for property coverage. Also I hope you had no fault medical coverage. The motorist protection for Liability covers the pregnant woman in the pickup truck, the uninsured motorist protection for property coverage repairs your vehicle and the no fault Medical coverage will cover your fathers medical and umbrella bills up to the policy limits. Your insurance company has trained insurance adjusters who are experienced in protecting you. They will work to put you back to where you would be a moment before the accident. In the event describe above They will work with the pregnant woman, they will help your father with his medical costs and they will help you repair or replace your vehicle. Let us review your coverages with you and check the companies we write for to make sure we have you protected at the best price! Jay Freeman Jay Freeman Insurance Agency Inc.